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There are a few good reviews for Routes Car Rental. However, renters should take into account the overwhelming volume of unfavorable experiences clients have reported while using the company’s services.

The car rental company has a “poor” rating of just two stars on Trustpilot, with 81% of the reviews on the site falling into the “bad” category. Several recent reviewers even said they had the “worst experience” renting here in their respective reviews.

Customers complained about things like dirty or damaged cars, overcharging for damages, and poor communication. Customers of Routes in Calgary, Alberta reported on Tripadvisor that the requirements for proof of insurance confused them. Yelp users criticized the high security deposits in Richmond, British Columbia.

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Top Customer Reviews

Not Worth The Time Or The Money

Not worth the time or money. They provided me with a rental car for a funeral, but I couldn’t pick it up until the following morning because my flight arrived late. Although they gave me a car, they charged me a lot for it—more than $500 for a Kia for a single day. If you have the option to avoid this location and are not in a rush, please do. This is a sketchy place, so I’m not sure if I can get my 350 deposit back. Use at your own risk and please read other reviews. When you check out, there is no paperwork and no one to speak with about anything.

Horrible Customer Service

awful customer service utterly disorganized, and if you need transportation back to the airport in time for your flight, arrive very early. 30 minutes of waiting while waiting for the shuttle and over an hour to return the car. Go with the well-known brands like Budget or Avis by paying more.


Despite the fact that we had made a reservation on the routes website, they informed us they were carless when we arrived. We had to wait for a very long time, and they didn’t offer us any sort of reimbursement for our inconvenience or lost time.

Excellent Staff

Excellent customer service and attentive staff. My sunglasses were left in the car, but our customer service representative found them before we left. The shuttle driver later entered the airport carrying my son’s laptop!

Both the price and the car’s ride quality were excellent.

Good Price For The Value

Over the course of a long weekend in Denver, we rented a Jeep Wrangler from Routes.

When we had requests, the staff was courteous and accommodating. Excellent and friendly shuttle drivers were present. They begin at the very right end of isle 4.

Great Experience

The car was returned to Montreal after I picked it up in Toronto. There were no issues with that, and it ended up being very practical.

Any other rental company was at least twice as expensive as Routes.

From their Montreal location, they offered a shuttle service to the airport.

There’s no doubt that I’ll use them again for rentals.

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Basic Facts About Routes Car Rental

The Canadian city of Mississauga is the home of Routes Car Rental. Hardeep Nagra founded the business in 1998. Routes was in business in 16 different U.S. cities as of July 2021. and Canada and a number of others all over the world.

The major airports in North America where the routes stop include Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ), Orlando International Airport (MCO), and Denver International Airport (DEN).

Routes also promotes airports in a number of other nations on its website, including Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and Athens, Greece. That does not necessarily imply, though, that Routes has physical presences there. Affiliate businesses stand in for Routes’ brand at some of the listed locations.

Paris-based Europcar Mobility Group and Routes Car Rental announced an alliance partnership in September 2020. Customers of each brand will have access to one another’s services thanks to the agreement.

Routes Car Rental Reviews Is Routes Car Rental a Good Choice [2022]
Routes Car Rental Reviews: Is Routes Car Rental a Good Choice? [2022]

Is Routes Car Rental A Good Choice?

We advise considering more than just the price when deciding whether to rent from a company based on the number of negative reviews from clients about Routes Car Rental. Even though you may believe you are getting a good deal, it often pays to look into other options before making your next rental car reservation.

Routes receives a score of 2 out of 5 stars in AutoSlash’s Ultimate Rental Car Ratings, the lowest possible rating. We consider it a “Tier 4” company after hearing complaint after complaint after complaint. Routes may appear to have an appealing price, but you run a significant risk of having a bad experience.

Final Words

To avoid any problems with damage claims later on, if you rent a car from Routes, we advise that you thoroughly document the condition of the vehicle before driving it off the lot. Additionally, pay close attention to the contract’s terms and conditions. Verify that the total charges correspond to the quote you were given. Ensure that no unauthorized add-ons that will increase your costs were added to your reservation.

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