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How long is truck driving school?

Since many employers demand 120 or 160 hours of training, truck driving school is frequently completed in just three to four weeks. Really – that’s it! It only takes three to four weeks. Even though this month will be busy and there will be a lot to learn, you can learn everything you need to in order to successfully qualify for a CDL during that time.

Please continue reading as I will give you more specific information about how long truck driving school lasts.

Truck Driving School Lasts How Long?

How long is truck driving school and how long will the training period last is one of the most frequent queries people have when considering a new career in the trucking industry. In the end, there isn’t a single, clear solution. A number of different variables will affect how long truck driving school lasts. The first consideration is whether you’re aiming for a Class A, Class B, or Class C license.

Class A CDL

A Class A CDL allows a driver to operate a vehicle weighing 26,001 pounds or more provided the vehicle(s) being towed is/are in excess of 10,000 pounds. This license is arguably the most flexible CDL available.  A Class A CDL also permits interstate travel, in contrast to the Class B or Class C CDL.

Because it enables you to pull more miles annually, this level of mobility is favored by both new and seasoned CDL drivers alike. This might eventually lead to increased compensation and benefits. Due to the fact that Class A CDL holders are permitted to drive the majority of the vehicles that Class B and Class C CDL holders are allowed to drive, Class A CDLs also give their holders access to a wider range of employers.

The Truck Driver Institute is one of many programs that provide instruction for a class A license. Even though you have the option of attending a school that requires several months, TDI’s training program can be finished in just three. Make sure the program will prepare you for the written exam as well as the road test when choosing a truck driving school.    

The 15-day intensive program offered by TDI was developed by skilled, professional truck drivers and is regularly updated. The training course consists of in-classroom instruction from an experienced instructor, practical instruction on an off-road driving range, and on-the-road driving instruction from the TDI team.

The value of driver training is something we at TDI are aware of. After all, getting behind the wheel of a large truck is the only effective way to learn how to drive. So, if lectures aren’t really your thing, the TDI program puts you in the driver’s seat of the machinery you’ll use on the job, as opposed to other schools that have you operate a simulator.

Class B CDL 

A Class B CDL gives a driver the ability to transport lighter loads than a Class A license does. The GVWR of the vehicle, or trucks carrying hazardous materials, determines which class A, B, and C CDLs apply. A Class B CDL is required to operate a vehicle with a GVWR of 26,001 pounds or more, or to tow another vehicle weighing no more than 10,000 pounds.

But it should be noted that some vehicles do need additional instruction and licenses to operate. These vehicles range from, but not exclusively:

  • Hazmat vehicles
  • Passenger vans
  • Busses
  • Other fluid trucks or tankers

Since different career goals necessitate different lengths of Class B CDL training, it is necessary to consider these factors. A Class B CDL license is typically obtained in order to fulfill the requirements of a job or position that the applicant already holds.

Depending on the specific training program and the state you reside in, Class B truck driving schools may require a different amount of time. The length of the truck driving school would be increased because some states require more driving hours than others. Ask your local DMV for advice if you’re not sure which program to select.                                  

Class C CDL

Vehicles that don’t fall under a Class A or B license, carry hazardous materials, or transport 16 or more people must have a Class C CDL. Depending on the type of vehicle, Class C CDLs require additional endorsements. For instance, a school bus endorsement is necessary in order to operate a school bus. A hazmat endorsement is additionally needed to transport hazardous materials.

The length of truck driving school for a Class C CDL will differ, much like it did for the Class B CDL.

The time it takes to complete a Class C program will vary depending on your state’s requirements, your intended use for your CDL, and the school you choose, just like they do for Class B CDLs.

Time Required For CDL Training

First things first, you are not required to attend trucking school for a specific period of time. The amount of time you must spend in training is not governed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). As a result, there are truck driving schools all over the country that provide courses ranging from four-month truck driver training programs to one-day CDL training.

Having completed truck driving school does not guarantee that you will obtain a CDL, so keep that in mind. The Class A CDL exams must still be taken at your neighborhood Department of Motor Vehicles or through a recognized private CDL testing provider. If the school doesn’t give you the resources and knowledge you need to obtain your CDL, your driver training will have to start over. Because of this, you should pick the best training course for your current skill level and prior trucking experience.

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How Long Do You Need To Train?

Several variables affect how long training is required to obtain a commercial driver’s license. If you don’t have a job right now, you need to find truck driver training that is quick and effective so you can get behind the wheel as soon as possible. 

Four months of classroom instruction to become a truck driver may be too much time, even if you already have a job. However, for aspiring truck drivers who have never operated a large vehicle, those purportedly quick training programs are out of the question. Additionally, keep an eye out for locations that essentially function as “CDL Mills,” producing CDL holders who barely pass the Commercial Drivers License test.

How Long Is Truck Driving School Frequently Answered
How Long Is Truck Driving School? Frequently Answered

Truck Driver Skills

A few truck driver skills are important to possess before entering the trucking industry.

Physical Health

You must improve your physical condition. Keep in mind that driving a truck requires you to spend the entire day seated in a vehicle. You need to alter your way of life if you want to continue driving a truck and maintain your physical health.


Make sure you follow through when you promise to deliver a package at a specific time. One of the most crucial abilities a trucker could possess is this one. The value of your other abilities is negated if you lack dependability. People need to be able to rely on you to operate the truck safely, especially when doing so in the winter.


Make a list of your patterns. Make a list of everything you do from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep each day. Make a list right away, and be sincere with yourself. Check how much of the present is dead time. List the things you waste time on and the routines you follow each day in a written document. Put your income next to that. You should be aware that your routines will change once you enter the truck driving business.  You must be prepared for the time commitment that comes with being a truck driver. Recognize that you’ll need to get up early every day to drive a truck in the winter, whether it’s raining or not. 

Mind Training

The Ability To Train One’s Brain Is Another Ability A Truck Driver Must Possess. Develop Present-moment Thought Patterns In Your Brain. You Won’t Get Everything Done If You Add Things That Will Happen Next Week Or Tomorrow. Take Care Of Everything In The Here And Now.

Final Words

The length of truck driving school was the main topic of the article.

In the trucking sector, there are numerous independent, stable jobs available with fair pay. The only requirements to get started are a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and graduation from trucking school. Obviously, it can sometimes seem difficult to start a new chapter. When the training or preparation requires a lot of time away from your current life, changing careers can be challenging. It’s perfectly natural to wonder, “How much time is spent in truck driving school?” before signing up. 

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