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For drivers, what if you don’t have a car for driving test? Read on to find the answer.

You must take your driving test through DPS and a driving school. I have completed all of the classroom and behind-the-wheel training, and I am now prepared to take my driving test. My lack of a personal vehicle is the only drawback.  

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What If You Don’t Have a Car for Driving Test?

registering for the DPS driving test. Any car that satisfies the requirements is acceptable. The insurance does not need to have your name on it. It might be your friend’s or your parent’s vehicle, among others. Rental cars are not permitted by DPS.

taking your driving test while being taught by a driving instructor. Any vehicle that satisfies the specifications is acceptable. On the insurance, your name is not required to be. It might be the car owned by your parents, a friend, etc. You might be able to borrow a car from the driving school. To make sure, we advise contacting the driving school in advance.

What If You Don't Have a Car for Driving Test - the Ultimate Guide
What If You Don’t Have a Car for Driving Test? – the Ultimate Guide

Where to Get a Car for Your Driver’s License Road Test?

Whether you borrow or rent the vehicle, make sure it satisfies DMV standards for your behind-the-wheel test.

Borrow a Car for Your Driving Test

Anyone who is willing to lend you their car—a friend, neighbor, relative, or anyone else—can provide you with one.

It is easiest if the owner of the vehicle travels with you to present registration and insurance documentation. Ask your DMV if it’s okay to bring the car without the owner if that isn’t possible and what paperwork you need to obtain from them in advance.

Because auto insurance follows the car, the insurance on the vehicle you’re borrowing kicks in if there’s a crash on the way to your test or during the exam, even if the owner isn’t there.

Rent a Car from a Driver Training School

If no one is available to drive you to your road test or if you are unable to borrow a car from someone, see if the local driver training schools can assist.

These schools might offer to pick you up on test day or meet you at the DMV and allow you to use one of the school’s vehicles for your exam.

If you enroll in driving lessons through the school, you might be able to practice driving in the vehicle owned by the school before using it for your road test. In some states, you can take your official driving test at the school rather than at the DMV.

However, ask even if you aren’t using the school for training. Some companies will rent you a car even if you didn’t take lessons there for your driving test. In many cases, driving the vehicle for an hour or two prior to your road test will help you become familiar with it.

Depending on where you live and if you require transportation to and from your road test, the cost of renting a car from a driving school can range greatly, from $25 to over $400.

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Rent a Car from a Rental Company

In some cases, renting a car may be acceptable for the road test, but it’s best to check before handing over the cash.

If you only have a learner’s permit, you cannot use this option because rental car companies only allow people with valid licenses to operate their vehicles.

Additionally, some rental car companies forbid using their vehicles for a test, and not all states permit the use of rental cars for a driving exam.

Normally, renting a car is possible in the United States. as long as you hold a valid license from another country — plus an international driving permit, depending on your state. A passport and any other paperwork the rental agency requests, such as your international license, must be presented at the rental counter. When you go for your road test, bring the rental agreement with you so the DMV can confirm you have permission to drive.

Also required is insurance for rented vehicles. You can buy coverage for the rental vehicle from the rental company or get insurance through the credit card you use to pay, depending on the card.


Can You Do a Driving Test Without a Vehicle in Texas?

Yes, you must bring a car to the road test along with proof of insurance for the car.

Can I Use a Rental Car for Driving Test in Texas?

You must show proof that the rental vehicle is covered by liability insurance either by accepting the liability damage waiver when you rent the vehicle or by showing proof that your personal auto liability insurance covers rental vehicles. DURING THE DRIVING TEST, NO ADDITIONAL PASSENGERS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE VEHICLE.

Conclusion on What If You Don’t Have a Car for Driving Test

If you lack a vehicle for your driving test, don’t worry. You still possess other choices. The easiest option is to borrow a car from a friend or family member. If you use their car, your parents’ insurance should protect you. If, however, you borrow a friend’s vehicle, you might need to purchase non-owner auto insurance.

The second option is to check with driving schools in your area. Some schools permit you to use one of their vehicles to take the driving test at their location rather than the DMV.

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