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To start with, what are Junk My Car reviews?

It is brilliant to use Junk my Car to sell your used car and earn some quick cash. The procedure is quick, the service is free, and you can troubleshoot with the assistance of a whole staff; you can even ask them for assistance with documentation problems.

But, some carriers who work with Junk My Car do not give the agreed amount. It might happen even if all conditions are met. The quality of service might vary, depending on the third parties involved.

Please read on for more detailed information.

Praises About Junk My Car Reviews

Top-notch Service

I recently junked my car using Peddle. The questionnaire was well-designed and easy to use. An honest offer was made to me, and I accepted it. The neighborhood carrier in my area got in touch with me right away and kept in touch with me throughout the process. My car was collected after three days. I’d definitely suggest Peddle because it’s hassle-free.

Great Experience – No Issue – Same Day Service

Outstanding service, as always. I answered the online questions to get a quote right away. I agreed to the offer, and a hauler reached out to me right away. We set a time for later in the afternoon, and he called to let us know when he was en route and when he had arrived. The very friendly driver picked up my car and left in 15 minutes. There were no issues at all, and I would highly recommend this service to anyone!

Probably The Easiest & Most Efficient…

The most straightforward and effective method for selling or junking your car. received a completely reasonable offer. The tow truck driver called twice in advance at intervals of fifteen minutes. Definitely a positive experience

Convenient, Saved Me Some Headache

When I needed quick and convenient service, I received excellent service. Paying someone to come and take my old Accord was the last thing I wanted to do. I wasn’t prepared to add more to the old bucket of bolts since I had just purchased a new vehicle. However, I received a family member’s recommendation for this service, and the entire procedure was incredibly quick and simple. Despite the car’s poor condition, they gave me a decent price for it. The tow truck driver was very polite and got right to work. I am very grateful for this service! I’m very happy with the results!

Complaints About Junk My Car Reviews

Peddle Is A Fraud!!

neither legitimate nor simple.!! When I was trying to sell my minivan—which actually drives and does everything—I received an online offer of $890. However, when they came to pick up the vehicle—without a tow truck—the mossy ghetto man—who was not even wearing shoes—made some calls and demanded just $150, which is a significant decrease from the online offer. When I said no, she got in the car and drove off without saying a word. To sell your car, please look elsewhere.

I Was Disappointed

Although it was a simple process, I was disappointed. However, I believe the person who picked up my car low-balled me at the last minute. I responded to all of the online inquiries regarding my car. I had a 19-year-old Envoy with 145k miles that had rust. I thought their quote of $545 was reasonable. The business was good about following through on the pick-up appointment. The man arrived, and his ONLY action was to check to see if the car’s original exhaust was still attached. Would ANYONE really anticipate the original exhaust after 19 years? The original exhaust was obviously missing from it! The man stated that he would only pay $400 for the car as a result. In order for the quote to be accurate, it should have been followed by a question if this was a valid worry. Peddle just sent me a receipt stating that I was paid $545 as is.! VERY dissatisfied with the sale.

This Business Is A Fraud!

This business is a SCAM!! I am the proprietor of Best Price Auto Salvage in Oklahoma City. By using our name in their Google advertising title illegally, this company is defrauding our clients. When you search for our company name, the phony title in the search results causes you to believe you are clicking a link to our website. IS A FRAUD, JUNKMYCAR.COM. A SCAM, PEDDLE.COM.

I can show you screenshots to prove that it was added on November 20, 2020. On Google Adwords, has completely copied and violated the name of our company. I’m willing to send this proof to anyone who is interested in learning how a dishonest and desperate business like operates.


Crooks, including the tow truck driver. They made a $550.00 bait and switch offer. I described the Dodge Caliber in great detail and accuracy. First, the tow truck driver did not arrive at the appointed time. We again rescheduled for the following day. When the tow truck driver arrived, it was necessary to jump start the car because it hadn’t started in a while. The car started and ran without any problems. I was informed that it needed a battery, but it didn’t. Battery that is still under warranty and less than a year old. given that the offer was reduced to $200 due to a battery. Absolutely unacceptable, and a waste of my time. They are very dishonest, and anyone who tries to do business with them will regret it.

Junk My Car Reviews Things You Want To Know
Junk My Car Reviews: Things You Want To Know

How Does Junk My Car Work?

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Connecticut, USA, Junk My Car is a car selling platform that targets owners of junk or damaged cars. In the US and Canada, it is renowned for providing competitive selling prices. 

Junk My Car allows you to; 

  • Complete the required fields regarding your car. 
  • Decline or accept Junk My Car’s offer. 
  • Within 24 hours of accepting the proposal, schedule pick-up. 
  • Make an appointment for your car to be inspected to verify its conditions. 
  • After selling your car, get paid right away. 

For Whom Is Junk My Car The Best?

For people who want to sell damaged cars or car parts for money, Junk My Car is the best option. It is also the best option for people looking for a trusted and reputable location to trade in cars. 

What Kinds Of Cars Does Junk My Car Buy?

To Junk My Car, you can sell any vehicle. It buys wrecked or damaged cars in any condition, whether they have physical, mechanical, or electrical damage. Luxury and sports cars are both purchased by Junk My Car.

How Fast Can You Sell Your Vehicle?

It’s easy, quick, and convenient to sell your car to Junk My Car. The moment you submit your online application, the business reviews it and contacts you with an offer. Within 24 hours of your acceptance of the offer, Junk My Car will pay you and remove your car. 

Fees For Using Junk My Car: What Do They Run?

When using or accessing the website for Junk My Car, the seller will not be required to pay anything. From asking for a quote to using the towing service, all services are gratuitous.

Customers typically receive slightly higher offers when they sell their junk cars to a dealership as opposed to a private party, but a portion of that amount goes to the dealer. With Junk My Car, hidden fees won’t be an issue because everything is taken out of the price up front, giving you a clear, legitimate offer.

Is It Worth Selling Car With Junk My Car?

You can sell your damaged, junk, or broken car on Junk My Car and make money doing so. The site is reliable and safe. After you accept the offer, you’ll get paid via check within 24 hours.

Additionally, Junk My Car’s services are cost-free, and it additionally provides free pick-up and towing services. Within ten minutes, you will receive your quote, and you will have five days to accept or reject the offer. With that said, it should be noted that Junk My Car is a trustworthy online platform for selling vehicles.

How To Sell Your Car To Junk My Car?

  • Submit car information; visit the Junk My Car website and fill out the necessary details about your vehicle. Include details about the vehicle’s make or model as well as the license plate number, VIN, and make.
  • Receive an offer; after entering all the details, Using a system they’ve developed, Junk My Car can estimate your car’s value and give you an offer right away. You have five days to think about the offer and decide how best to proceed.
  • Schedule pick up; if you accept the offer, you will need to schedule a pick up of the vehicle. You’ll receive a call from a Junk My Car driver who will come to a predetermined location to pick up the vehicle.
  • Get paid; you will be paid on the spot via check when the vehicle is picked up by an agent from Junk My Car. You will be required to turn over the car keys, and the original title, and allow access to the vehicle as the owner.
Junk My Car Reviews Things You Want To Know
Junk My Car Reviews: Things You Want To Know

FAQs About Junk My Car Reviews

How Much Does It Cost To Sell A Car On Junk My Car?

Every service offered by Junk My Car is free. 

Where Can I Buy Junk My Car?

Residents of the US and Canada can use Junk My car. 

Is There A Mobile Version Of Junk My Car?

There isn’t a mobile app for Junk My as of yet. 

How Long Will It Take For My Payments To Arrive?

When a Junk My Car agent comes to pick up your car, you will be paid instantly via check. 

Is Junk My Car Legit?

The website Junk My Car connects buyers and sellers of used cars in a secure and reliable manner. 

What’s the Most You Can Get for a Junk Car?

Prices for junk cars today range from $50 to $15,000 in 2022, but they greatly depend on a number of variables. In most cases, the average price for junk vehicles falls within the $100 – $500 range. In fact, we observe that people frequently search for buyers who will junk a car for $500.


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