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Rental vehicles are available for use in the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Latin America, and other countries around the world. 

Because they offer the best option—the CR8 Protect Package—Car Rental 8 is preferred by more tourists.  When making a rental car reservation, select this option. In the unfortunate event of an accident or small occurrences like windshield or tire damage, the CR8 Protect Package will cover a portion of your deductible or excess.  When your planned trip needs to be canceled, the CR8 Protect Package might sometimes let you avoid paying a fee.

Car Rental 8 is an American company with 17,000 locations that provides car rental services in 125 countries. They are able to negotiate lower prices through high booking volumes because they have supply agreements with major rental car companies around the world. You gain access to these savings.

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Praises About Car Rental 8 Reviews

First Time User 

I’ve just completed my first rental with CarRental8. For a week in Hawaii in September 2022, I’ve been comparing car rates for a while, and I’ve found what’s currently the best deal. Despite the fact that car prices are constantly fluctuating and that my vacation is about a month away, I still made my reservation. The booking process was incredibly easy and straightforward. Now as long as everything going as planned upon arrival in Hawaii, I am definitely a fan of CarRental8

5 Stars

5 stars! From making the reservation to the end of the process, CarRental8 gave me excellent service. They never wavered in their commitment to their duty of care or promptness; they always responded with politeness. They helped fight an arbitrary additional fee imposed by a third party months after the rental car was returned. I have no hesitation in using their services once more or recommending them to anyone.

Very Good

Nothing wrong at the time of booking. Simple procedure, effective follow-up, and affordable. The main problem brought on by car rental company. For non-EU citizens, Goldcars (and I see a few other businesses) claim to need an IDP. According to the.Gov website, none is necessary. It was disappointing that neither Carrental8 nor anyone else was able to provide advice regarding which permit—there are three different kinds—was necessary. Naturally, it turned out that none was necessary, so I wasted a lot of time calling, emailing, and so on before finally purchasing an IDP. CarRental8 could possibly clarify things by reviewing the terms & conditions of their various partners.

Just A Quick Update From My Previous…

I’ll just give a brief update on my previous review. When I got to LAX, I had trouble finding a pickup location, so I missed a shuttle and had to wait a little longer than I had planned. Four representatives were assisting other customers at the Thrifty/Dollar counter when I arrived, and they were taking an eternity! After about five minutes, it was finally my turn. When you have everything ready (your driver’s license and a credit card), checking in should be quick. The representative was cordial and expert. You will discover a surprise there, he concluded.” My vehicle received a rank increase from compact to SUV.). I only had to pay the $36 that Carrental8 stated I would have to and a $200 security deposit that will be returned when the car is returned. The Thrifty representative even pushed back my return time. It was wonderful all around. On 8/12, I will return the car; I will then update this review with information regarding the $200 deposit.

Consistently A Great Service

Professional, knowledgeable, and helpful customer service representatives.
Due to a personal matter, I had to reduce my reservation by one day. Customer service did not respond to my email. 40 minutes were spent waiting on hold when I called customer service. Yes, it was less than 6 hours before the rental period started, so I was not eligible for a refund and was charged for insurance I would not be using. I anticipate the car was rented for the day I paid for but was unable to use it given the demand for automobiles.
The following time, I will rent from Easirent because they offer more latitude for cancellations, particularly for shortening the rental. I’m not going to use Car Rental 8, the middleman, anymore. I’ll tell everyone in my large family and circle of friends about my negative experience with Car Rental 8 and suggest Easirent or other rental agencies.

Car Rental 8 Reviews And Complaints In 2022 (updated)
Car Rental 8 Reviews And Complaints In 2022 (updated)

Complaints About Car Rental 8 Reviews

Steals Your Credit Card Info

I was alerted to a credit card fraud attempt for a restaurant in Nebraska not long after making a car rental reservation (I reside in Hawaii). Since I didn’t use my card anywhere else that might have contributed to this security breach, I’m fairly confident that Car Rental 8 is to blame.


Never before have I gone through such a horrible thing. The booking experience with CarRental8 was excellent. They use a terrible company. While checking in, they added fees equal to the amount of the booking itself. I need the $60 add on, but they didn’t explain the toll situation. At that point, they have you. When I eventually arrived at the car, the hood appeared to have been the subject of a struggle. severely damaged and dented all over. Even arriving at the hotel’s valet in this car made me feel embarrassed. I’d advise breaking off communication with ZEZGO and not subjecting anyone else to this nonsense. CarRental8 did a good job on their end, but they should be more selective when choosing partners.

Very Confused 

Very confused when we made our booking the price was in British pounds and when we booked it are confirmation was in us dollars and now my bank has charged me a fee for converting the money which is 37 pounds more that I had to pay not happy

Expect Stress

This advertisement appeared when I was looking for a rental car in Portland. My credit card was charged even though the website returned a 404 Error Gateway message after I entered all of my information and clicked submit. neither an email nor a confirmation number. The help desk is only open from 8 to 5 p.m. when you try calling them. It’s odd that the confirmation email only arrived the next day. more trying than it needed to be. See more about Nu Car Rental Reviews

Is “total” Equivalent To “partial”?

The price on Momondo, where I made my reservation, was “Total.” My email confirmation then added, “You might see a second charge from the rental company for taxes and fees….” I was initially very upset because it appeared to exclude the absurdly high taxes and fees. CarRental8 got in touch with me, though, and made it clear that the email was only referring to extras that I could order from the rental car company. Okay, I’m relieved now, but a more effective email would have spared them the time and trouble I was in as well as prevented my angst.

Not ‘free Cancellation’

Even though you claimed that my rental car cancellation was free, there was a $75 cancellation fee mentioned in the documentation when I made my car reservation. It’s not a “free cancellation,” is it?

Car Rental 8 Reviews And Complaints In 2022 (updated)
Car Rental 8 Reviews And Complaints In 2022 (updated)


What is Car Rental 8?

Established in 2008, Car Rental 8 is an online car rental broker working with the top car rental suppliers worldwide including A few examples include Hertz, Enterprise, Dollar, Alamo, Budget, Avis, and Fox. We are able to pass along significant savings to our customers thanks to our high volume agreements.

What is the Most Reputable Car Rental Company?

The Enterprise named the best car rental car company in The following three businesses, National, Alamo, and Hertz, all performed better than the industry standard. “Alamo and National share the same parent company with Enterprise (Enterprise Holdings),” says Taylor.

Are Rental Cars Worth It?

The cost per month is frequently less than a conventional auto loan payment. For as long as the lease or rental is in effect, you are (typically) not liable for any necessary auto repairs. Renting or leasing a new-model car is cheaper than buying one. When you want to upgrade, you don’t have to try to sell the car.

Is It Better to Book a Rental Car Directly?

Renting online can save you money.

First off, booking in advance frequently yields better prices than doing so at the last minute at the airport. Through online travel booking sites, you can more easily compare prices when making a reservation.

Final Words

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Vehicle rentals for the USA, UK, Europe, Latin America, Australia, and other international locations.
A US-based company called Car Rental 8 provides car rental services at 17,000 locations across 125 countries. Our ability to negotiate lower prices through high booking volumes is made possible by our supply agreements with major car rental companies around the world. You gain access to these savings. Our website supports a number of languages and different currencies in order to better serve our customers.

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