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What are the Advanta tires reviews?

The world of tires has a peculiar place for Argus Adavanta. In an effort to outperform their well-known rivals, they create the greatest and best tires possible at the highest level of performance.

Currently specializing in making the toughest, lowest-cost tires for a market that may or may not exist.

For every application that Adavanta builds tires for, those who do their research will know that they can obtain tires of higher quality and performance. But Adavanta will probably go unnoticed by those who are not in the know from the start. They produce tires that don’t merit a lot of press and are tiny and unnoticeable.

The new lines of road and truck tires from API, which manufactures some of the best off-road tires in the world, deserve to be recognized. Adavanta, on the other hand, is probably deserving of her anonymity.

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Advanta A/T Tire Review

Advanta AT Tire Review
Advanta A/T Tire Review

Performance-wise, the Advanta A/T is the pinnacle of sport utility vehicles. The design of the vehicle aims to maximize performance in handling, braking, and acceleration. Belted tread face is durable and has a long life thanks to the tread’s steel construction.

Main Features:

  • Maximum Performance
  • Strong Braking: Dry and Wet Braking
  • Durable
  • High Traction

Advanta ST Radial Tire Review

Advanta ST Radial Tire Review (1)
Advanta ST Radial Tire Review (1)

All-season tires for trailers; the Argus Advanta ST Radial is designed for highway driving. Since the weight and performance requirements of such vehicles are too great for this tire, it is impossible that it was intended to be mounted on light trucks.

It may only be moved with trailers. The tire uses an all-season compound and an ideal tread pattern to provide all-weather traction. The symmetric pattern’s placement of tread blocks enhances grip in all weather conditions, including dry, rainy, and cold.

The rubber’s flexibility in the tread increases temperature stability and improves grip in both winter and summer weather. By dispersing water and slush from the footprint, the circumferential grooves significantly improve the traction in wet weather.

Main Features:

  • Special Trailer (ST) Tire – High Speed
  • Construction – Seal Belted
  • Advanced Tread Compound
  • Warranty
  • Resist Weather Cracking
  • Strength and Reliability

Advanta Hp Z-01 Tire Review

Advanta Hp Z-01 Tire Review
Advanta Hp Z-01 Tire Review

Passenger cars and SUVs may benefit from the Advanta HP Z-01, a high-performance, year-round all-season tire. This tire’s tread pattern maintains the surface of the road in dry, wet, and snowy weather, offering excellent all-season traction.

The tire’s outstanding stability and safety are guaranteed by the year-round road contact. The deep tread grooves on the tire footprint drain water and slush from the bottom. Driving safety is increased by the improved water dispersion and all-weather traction.

The Advanta Tire model can run at great speeds. The tire’s tread pattern keeps it in constant contact with the ground, allowing the car to move at a higher speed. Since deformation can be hazardous to both the tire and the driver when moving at high speeds, the internal structure of the tire shields it from this risk.

Its exceptional directional driving stability is another advantage of the tire’s performance. The tire’s performance is enhanced by its increased resistance to driving pressure, which is aided by the larger road contact patch.

Main Features:

  • Traction in any weather
  • a high rate of speed
  • improved capacity to turn in a circle
  • To maintain a stable environment,
  • Reduced levels of traffic noise

Advanta Atx-750 Tire Review

Advanta Atx-750 Tire Review
Advanta Atx-750 Tire Review

All weather usage is acceptable for this tire, which is made for SUVs and small cars. This Advanta SUV Tire model comes with a treadwear warranty of 50,000 miles from the date of purchase. The tire improves traction in all weather conditions.

The car’s traction on the road surface is enhanced in any weather thanks to an all-season compound and a precise tread pattern. By including stronger compound components, rubber’s ability to function in both hot and cold climates is improved.

Sipping in the tread area adds more biting edges for a secure grip on paved and unpaved surfaces. During on-road performance, water and slush are dispersed from the footprint, providing superior hydroplaning resistance. The tire was given the three mountain peaks and snowflake insignia for its exceptional winter performance.

Main Features:

  • Traction on all surfaces
  • Traction in any weather
  • The capacity to fine-tune the process

About Advanta Tire Company

Advanta Tire Company
Advanta Tire Company

American Pacific Industries is the owner of the Adavanta or Argus Adavanta brand. Since its founding in Scottsdale, Arizona, in 1982, API has specialized in high performance off-road tires. American Pacific Industries has expanded their product offering recently, adding lines for premium high performance tires, extreme off-road tires, typical passenger car tires, and more.

Zenna is API’s premium road tire line, X Comp and Gladiator are their off-road tire lines, and Argus Adavanta is their all-purpose tire brand. exclusive U.S. distribution From high-performance tires for passenger cars to commercial truck tires for semi trucks, AutoForce and Adavanta manufacture a wide range of tires.

Despite being a small tire company with limited distribution, they try to compete in a variety of markets and tire genres.

While producing tires in an environmentally friendly manner and providing some of the best warranties available in the global tire industry, they compete in these markets. Advanta prioritizes durability and then promotes that durability with said exceptional warranties, perhaps as a result of their parentage as an off-road tire company.

Adavanta may appear mysterious, but their parentage is as trustworthy as it gets. Their guiding principle is prideful toughness.

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Cost & Pricing Of Advanta Tire 

Adavanta tires seem to be less expensive on average than most brand-name tires. Adavanta HPZ-01 tires were significantly less expensive when contrasted to Dunlop SP Sport 7000 A/S tires of equivalent sizes. The Adavanta HPZ-01s, which are very similar in size to the SP Sports, retail for about a hundred and twenty-four dollars less per shoe. Both of these tires are high performance all-season models, but neither is among the best in its class. Adavanta’s peculiar tall and narrow sizing should be noted as it rarely corresponds with the majority of other tire brands. Adavanta sizes appear to prioritize larger and narrower wheels, even though they fit a wide range of cars.

The ER-700 is one of the more affordable all-season tire options, costing under $70. Over $90 can be spent on the Continental TrueContact, a stalwart in the same category. This information pertains to the 205/60-R16 size. Despite this, the TrueContact is almost certainly a better tire than the Economy Radial 700.” Adavanta tires are reliable and reasonably priced. They do not, however, rank highly in that metric if performance is one of your requirements.

Warranty Of Advanta Tire 

The company’s primary selling point is its warranties, or Adavanta. With a range of 40,000 to 60,000 miles, their warranties don’t have particularly high mileage requirements. Their policy of 100% replacement—exactly as it sounds—is what makes them unique. They’ll give you a new tire to replace the one that didn’t perform as expected if one of your tires fails within the warranty period, including just showing more wear than it should for the mileage. Simple requirements, primarily that the tires were installed correctly and inflated to the appropriate PSI level, are what make this possible. The warranty only covers the original purchaser of the tires, but it still offers a wide margin of protection.

This is a fantastic policy for the passenger car and commercial tire markets, but it still falls short of the guarantee offered by the original Gladiator off-road tire line from American Pacific Industries or the later X Comp tires.

Where Are Advanta Tires Sold & Distributed?

Advanta Tires are made all over the world, as the brand name might imply. Their primary production facilities are spread across China, India, and the United States. Given that they are a primarily small business, the United States is where they sell and distribute the majority of their tires.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Advanta SUV Tires?

Advanta tires are manufactured by API (American Pacific Industries). They are not a good sign since they are one of the largest tire suppliers in America but are largely unknown. Yes, Advanta tires are reasonably priced when compared to other American tire brands. These are easily available for $60 each.

Are Kenda Tires Good Quality?

Although Kenda tires are inexpensive, they can outperform less well-known tire brands for almost the same price. Yes, they are not as good as similar families of tires from Continental or Michelin, but they can deliver elevated levels of wet and dry performance with acceptable wear characteristics.


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Advanta is a little-known company that targets a particular market. Under the trade name Argus Advanta, a tire producer for cars, light trucks, and commercial vehicles. Argus Advanta’s passenger and light truck tires are all basic all-seasons, and they are low-end all-seasons, which is weird.

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