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Are you interested in NU car rental? Do you want to know more information about nu car rental reviews? 

Some think NU car rental is great because clerks are sweet and helpful, and amazing and comfortable.

Some believe NU car rental is the worst experience ever renting a car. The service is advertised and priced as an airport car rental, but it is anything but that.  they advertise what you will receive while planning to conceal fees when you arrive for pickup.

Praises About NU Car Rental Reviews

Sweet And Helpful Clerks

Let me start by saying that the ladies working the counter when I picked up were very kind and accommodating. The person who assisted me was Duchess, and she was excellent. One thing new tenants should be aware of is the requirement to purchase liability insurance. The daily rate that was least expensive was $17. I did not realize I would have to pay extra for coverage when I made my reservation through The vehicle itself was in good condition, but an alignment job was DEFINITELY needed. The car would shake terribly as soon as I entered a freeway!

Amazing And Very Convenient

My experience with NU Car Rental was wonderful and convenient. They upgraded my rental to a much better vehicle at no additional cost because my original rental was a convertible and it was flat. Unfortunately, when I returned the car, it had been vandalized and the passenger window had been broken. I thought returning the car would take a long time because I had purchased outside insurance, but they made it so simple and the process went without a hitch. Totally Recommend it!

Nu Car Rental Reviews What You Must Consider
Nu Car Rental Reviews: What You Must Consider

Complaints About NU Car Rental Reviews

Hidden Fees

I’ve never used this company before, and I won’t again. My fiancée and I went on a three-day trip to Denver, where we were totally deceived and conned. Currently, the business is avoiding taking responsibility. The salesperson who arranged for us to rent a vehicle asked us if we would like to upgrade to a BMW for an additional charge. We declined since we don’t require anything special. Then he proposed to charge us his “special rate,” which was roughly an extra $30 per day. He claimed that if we wanted to travel safely through the mountains, we would need this vehicle. He assured us that the $30 daily fee was the only additional cost because it sounded like a pretty good deal, so we accepted it. My reserved car rental of $400 ended up costing $1,200 because of all the hidden fees, as I discovered. When I called customer service to dispute the charge, I received blatantly rude treatment as she accused me of “not reading the fine print.” I trusted the guy when I rented from him to explain the small print to me while looking him in the eye. He lied to my fiance and I because, allegedly, that is what this company trains its employees to do. This business has morally repugnant practices. Amex had a good deal that was more affordable than my go-to card, Emerald, so I decided to try it out. I’m used to traveling and can spot a scam. Usually, good for you nu. I’ll be sure to let your innocent customers know about this reprehensible theft because I find it repulsive. ****Not to mention that my supposed deposit refund never materialized. It was disgusting, and when I mentioned that I had used Amex to avoid paying for the most expensive “nonrefundable” “upgraded” insurance, they tricked me into paying for it. Do not use this company; otherwise, you will be robbed, I cannot stress this enough!

Tricked Into Paying For Extra Insurance

As a result, the process of renting the car and giving it back went without a hitch. If not for the following problem, I would have given a 4 or 5 star rating. When I returned the car, I discovered that I had initially intended to sign up for insurance rather than decline it, despite having specifically told the agent I did not need any insurance (and never have, and neither will I). I was definitely duped by the agent. I was warned repeatedly in reviews, but I still made the mistake. I’ve complained, and so far the business is supporting what I initialized. If they maintain the status quo, it’s not a business I’ll ever use again.

Additional/excessive Fees And Charges

For more than 20 years, I have rented cars for both personal and professional use, but I have never, ever, encountered such an unprofessional rental car service. Because it had a low fare and was close to the Miami airport rental car facility, I made an online reservation for this rental car from NU. The location was not at the airport (this was misleading, was off sight), check-in was very slow with many hidden fees (the website price point was misleading), and they didn’t recognize our insurance so we had to buy liability insurance (they only recognize 3 insurance companies for liability), the check out service was very slow (technicians crawled under the car, threw the car, and brought a flashlight inside the vehicle, it was like they were looking for something specific), and the location was not at the airport. Please read the entire contract before renting from this company because there are many customer risks included (this is not a forgiving contract like the ones used by the majority of common rental agencies). I want you to know that you should exercise extreme caution when renting from this company because there is a high likelihood that you will be hit with unforeseen or excessive fees and charges, and the service is very subpar. I do not advise using NU.

Nu Car Rentals: All You Need To Know

In the US and around the world, NU is a top choice among rental car agencies. Finding the ideal ride is hassle-free thanks to the fleet’s more than 25,000 vehicles. Here at, you can find the best NU rental rates.

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Is NU Car Rental a Good Choice?

Is NU Car Rental a Good Choice
Is NU Car Rental a Good Choice?

We advise you to think twice before renting a car given the unfavorable reviews of NU Car Rentals in the United States.

NU Car Rentals receives a ranking of 2.5 out of 5 stars in AutoSlash’s Ultimate Rental Car Ratings, which is the second-lowest rating. We consider it a “Tier 4” company after hearing complaint after complaint after complaint about its While NU may have a tempting price, you run a high risk of having a bad experience. U.S. locations

Read the rental agreement carefully if you decide to make a reservation with NU Car Rentals to prevent any unexpected fees. Before leaving the rental car lot, give it a thorough inspection for dents, scratches, and cleanliness issues. Additionally, make sure to find out in advance how to set up a rental car shuttle from the airport.

FAQs About Nu Car Rental Reviews

How Can I Get A Deal On A Rental Car At NU?

At NU, the best prices are always included and are simple to compare online. To increase your savings even more, try these helpful tips:

  • Designate a single driver to take the wheel during your trip;
  • Take the time to weigh up the various vehicle prices on offer;
  • Ahead of time, make a reservation for a rental car.

Does NU Have A Minimum Age Requirement For Tenants?

Driving a NU rental car requires that you be at least 21 years old, though if you’re under 25 you’ll have to pay a daily surcharge. In the NU fleet, certain vehicles are off-limits to younger drivers.

Can I Change My Policy To Include Another Driver?

Although they must be present when the policy is collected, adding additional drivers to your NU policy is not a problem. A daily surcharge will be added to your policy, and additional drivers must meet the same requirements as the primary driver. It is free to add spouses.

How Far Can I Travel In A Car I Rented From NU?

Although there may be geographic restrictions, in this case, be sure to carefully read the fine print of your agreement. Drivers frequently find NU’s unlimited mileage package to be the most convenient choice.

How Does NU Rentals Handle Fuel?

Every NU rental car is delivered with a full tank of gas and is expected to be returned with the same level of fuel. In the event that you neglect to fill the tank up, premium rates may be charged for refueling.

What Types Of Vehicles Can I Rent From NU?

Finding the ideal vehicle from the NU fleet should be simple, whether you’re searching for a cute and compact vehicle to explore a busy city or an SUV with room for the family.

Nu Car Rental Reviews
Nu Car Rental Reviews

What Do I Need In Order To Book A NU Car?

You must have a clean, current driver’s license and a major credit card on hand when picking up your car. It is also necessary to have insurance. You can add it to your NU reservation on if your current auto and credit card policies don’t provide the necessary coverage.

What Kind Of Vehicle Ought I To Rent?

That largely depends on the number of people in your party, the size of your budget, the destination, and the distance you intend to travel. 

Since its inception, NU has established a network of practical drop-off locations for customers renting cars all over the world. Along with its convenient locations, the company takes pride in its individualized services and modern fleet of vehicles. You can trust NU to get you from point A to point B whether you’re planning a trip domestically or abroad.

What is the Most Reputable Car Rental Company?

The Enterprise named the best car rental car company in The next three businesses on the list, National, Alamo, and Hertz, also performed better than the industry standard. “Alamo and National share the same parent company with Enterprise (Enterprise Holdings),” says Taylor.

Is There a Fee to Cancel National Rental Car?

Generally, National charges $100 if you prepaid and cancel less than 24 hours before the schedule pickup time. The fee is $50 if you cancel at least one day before the pickup time. Reservations made through a third party could result in fees if you need to modify or cancel your reservation.

What is the Most Expensive Car Rental Company?

National Car Rental

By almost all metrics, National Car Rental was the most expensive, followed by Among the least expensive options were Alamo Rent a Car, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Budget, Hertz, and Dollar.


The post talked about NC car rental reviews. There are good and bad reviews. For good reviews, NU is cheap and the clerks are sweet and helpful. But, NU has hidden fees, tricked into paying for extra insurance, additional/excessive fees, and charges. 

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