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Still carrying a corded vacuum to the garage to clean your car? There’s a simpler approach. One car cleaning tip you’ll wish you knew sooner is to keep a portable car vacuum in your garage, such as the popular ThisWorx car vacuum. It makes routine, efficient car cleaning simpler than ever.

A quick look at ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner reviews: Though it cannot light the world on fire with its sucking power, it offers sufficient cleaning power to be helpful in a variety of circumstances. It’s great for smaller jobs. We believe that bringing some fragments into the car will be especially helpful if we need to quickly clean it while on a long trip or engage in outdoor activities.

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ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner Customer Reviews

  • For the price, this works better than I had anticipated. Even when the car is not running, the suction is adequate. When I vacuum the car, I leave the door open, letting exhaust inside. If not, I would have given this 5 stars. For thorough cleaning of the car, I will still use a shop vac, but this will be fantastic for smaller messes. I also appreciate the bag that is included to store all the attachments. Although I could have fit everything in the bag more easily, I was still able to zip it up. Definitely suggest purchasing one of these at the sale price!
  • The only thing I struggled with was picking up hair not from the pat but I think for my daughter’s long blonde hair I probably need to do a really deep clean from a gas station vacuum and then keep it up with this vacuum but it did pick up the dirt and just crumbs off the ground. The cord is long enough And the attachments work pretty well hopefully it’ll last for a while but again this is my first time using it and so far so good
  • Thus, as our first 13-hour road trip with a family of five approached, I experienced a mini-panic attack. We are a family of five on a long road trip, so did I mention that? A few days before the trip, I realized that we should have a vacuum. Anyway, when I purchased this item, I had low expectations, but it has already surpassed them. We have a minivan, but on our road trip, we packed everything! This was such a fantastically small size that it easily fit into the nice travel bag they provide. It does fit into a nice travel bag that comes with all the necessary attachments. the portability, second. I used the product to gather any loose debris just before we left town and was shocked. The vacuum cleaned everything else I couldn’t clean after my initial trip to the car wash where I did some spot cleaning. I also cherished the fact that I did not require an outlet. Since I would be traveling, I wanted something with power that didn’t require an outlet, but I also didn’t want to have to change any batteries. This was the ideal response. The car charger port provides the power. The suction strength and attachments come in third. I have children, and we all know that kids can get tiny crumbs in places you wouldn’t think they could. The attachments were all excellent. I tried different attachments if the first one couldn’t get something going, and at least one of them was successful in meeting my needs. Due to the fact that the kids consumed snacks in the car and other factors, I ended up using the vacuum three times during our weeklong vacation. so Several times, I had to organize my belongings. However, I only need to do a quick run through each time (less than 5 minutes), as the vacuum does a great job of picking up debris. I would give this item 10 stars if I could. I’m ecstatic about this impulsive purchase and feel a little less stressed when the kids spill goldfish on the floor. đŸ™‚
  • It’s decent for a portable vacuum. Despite being impressed by the length of the cord, I’m returning it because the 12-v plug requires my Kia Carnival to be running; I didn’t realize this and, given the cost of gas, it seems like a waste. Naturally, the suction is quite good. There are a lot of attachments. Since it’s not exactly what I was looking for, it would be okay but not ideal.
  • It has decent suction, but I wish there was a little bit more. Despite my preference for a longer crevice tool, it comes with the most crucial car vacuum accessory. A major plus is the extra-long cord. And cleaning it up is a breeze. Overall, I have no hesitation in recommending it.
  • The work is done correctly! I’ve included before and after photos, and I have to admit that I’m really impressed with how well this vacuum cleaner performs. I previously purchased a similar device from a different seller here on Amazon, and I didn’t care for it at all because it couldn’t pick up even large chunks of light or dried leaves, but this one actually functions. Remember that these vacuums are powered by the battery in our car, so don’t expect one with a high power output like the one we have at home. I recommend it. SEE MORE ABOUT How To Clean Car Windows

ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner Overview


  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Plugs into car outlet
  • Inexpensive


  • Low suction power
  • Dry vacuum only
ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner Reviews In 2022 Should You Buy It Or Not
ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner Reviews In 2022: Should You Buy It Or Not?

What We Like

The ThisWorx car vacuum is incredibly easy to maintain and highly maneuverable. This car vacuum is perfect for cleaning up small messes in your car as they happen because it is also simple to use and store.

You don’t need to charge a battery for the ThisWorx, and using this vacuum does not require access to an outlet or an extension cord because it plugs into your car’s 12V outlet. You can put it in your glove box or trunk and put it there until you need it.


Small and light, this vacuum is. It plugs into your car directly, so you won’t have to move it around the outside of your car like you would with a bigger car vacuum that is more like a shop vac.

The power cord is the only component that limits this vacuum’s mobility. Despite being long enough to reach most back seats, if you have a minivan or third-row seating, it might be difficult to reach every part of your car. If your car’s trunk can’t be reached from inside the vehicle, you might not be able to access it either, unless you just so happen to have a cigarette lighter in the trunk.

Ease Of Maintenance

The ThisWorx 12V is compact and simple to store, and the included carrying case can help keep all the accessories organized. The vacuum and each accessory are difficult to fit into the carrying bag. On the other hand, since the extended hose attachment isn’t very useful, you might decide to save some space by not using it.

The front of the vacuum pops off for easy cleaning, and you can empty the contents into the trash. The included brush makes it simple to dust the filter.

What We Don’t Like

The suction power and versatility of bigger car vacuums are lacking in the ThisWorx model. This vacuum is effective for small spills and messes, but it’s not the best option for larger projects. This vacuum doesn’t have the wet vac feature of a more expensive model, and it also lacks the suction power to remove all types of car debris.

Suction Power

No 12V vacuum will have an especially strong suction. Using the ThisWorx 12V is not advised if you intend to thoroughly clean your entire car. Although it can likely remove the majority of crumbs, it lacks the force and speed necessary to remove messes that are deeply embedded.

The ThisWorx 12V performed admirably in our tests when it came to picking up crumbs and glitter, but it was unable to remove embedded pet fur from our cloth mat. Additionally, it cleans much more slowly than a powerful vacuum, even for the crumbs that it can pick up.


This vacuum is a good option to keep in your car for quick cleanups, but it isn’t very versatile. Because of its limited versatility and poor performance with stuck-in debris and deep cleans, it is not a good choice.

Product Specs

  • Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Power: 12.0 volts
  • Tank Capacity: About 8.0 ounces
  • Power Source: Car auxiliary power outlet (cigarette lighter)
  • Cord Length: 16.0-foot cord
  • Wet or Dry: Dry only
  • Cost: $39.99*

What Is The Price Of The ThisWorx Car Vacuum?

The price we paid for the ThisWorx car vacuum cleaner was US34.99 (down from $39.99). It goes without saying that prices can and will change over time, so if you read this in the future, don’t be shocked to discover a slightly different price. In comparison to other vacuums of this type, the ThisWorx Vacuum, at $34.99, is a fairly inexpensive way to clean the inside of your car.

Using The ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner

You can use the ThisWorx Vacuum as soon as your car is running and the plug is in. You can turn the vacuum on and off without starting your car by using the power switch on top of the machine. Even though there is a lot of noise and air movement when the vacuum is turned on, it isn’t unpleasant.

Surprisingly effective at removing debris like dirt, grass, and small leaves was the ThisWorx vacuum. Even with human hair, it performed admirably, but it had some trouble picking up the black fur from our two Labradors (although many vacuums seem to have trouble with this). The ThisWorx Vacuum Cleaner can pick up a lot, and we were genuinely surprised by this.

When we attempted to empty the vacuum’s contents into a bin, we encountered difficulties. Instead of a bag, the ThisWorx’s front clips off, allowing the filter to be removed. After completing this, you can empty the front nozzle’s or compartment’s contents into a container or bag. Unfortunately, it has been somewhat of a nightmare for us to remove the filter from the nozzle because it necessitates using excessive force, which is bad for our eyes. When we first removed it, the filter exploded and the contents were all over the place. The filter can still be problematic for my partner even though we now installed it less firmly.

The ThisWorx Vacuum Vs Regular Vacuums

How the ThisWorx stacks up against more common vacuum cleaners used in homes, workshops, etc. may be on your mind at this point. The ThisWorx is worse overall. Even though it has a surprisingly strong suction, a more conventional vacuum cleaner would probably be a better choice if you really want to clean well.

When looking for a tool you can use for a quick clean that yields acceptable results, the ThisWorx excels. If you frequently visit the beach, for instance, you might just need something to quickly clean the sand off your car. This vacuum will also be useful for parents of messy kids or for people who enjoy eating in their cars, especially pies with flaky pastry.

In essence, a proper vacuum should be used to thoroughly clean your car. We discovered that the ThisWorx was more than adequate for smaller jobs.

How To Use It?

ThisWorx’s battery-free car vacuum is plugged into a 12v outlet, also referred to as the cigarette lighter. Although many reviewers point out that the vacuum works best with the car running, you don’t need to start the engine in vehicles with always-powered lighters to get the vacuum going. (In that case, make sure there is adequate ventilation by opening the garage door.)

With the appropriate attachment—a flathead hose, extension hose, or brush head—this handy little car vacuum can be set to work collecting a variety of debris.

The 16-foot extension cord easily reaches your backseat car organizers, car floor mats, and the corners of the trunk that typically seem impossible to clean. Place all the parts inside the provided travel case when you’re not using the attachments for tasks like removing pet hair from upholstery or cleaning dog car seat covers. Until the next time you have a mess, you can conveniently store it in the trunk of your car, a truck cab, or a standard trunk. For a consistently impeccable clean, use this vacuum along with the hot Microfiber Guys towels.

What Stores Sell The ThisWorx Car Vacuum?

The best prices on the user-friendly ThisWorx car vacuum can be found on Amazon or Walmart, where it costs less than $45. On this helpful tool for car detailing, you might even find a clippable coupon or a sale price.

How Does A ThisWorx Car Vacuum Work?

The most effective vacuum cleaner for your home is a smaller, more portable version called a car vacuum. The upholstery, floors, cup holders, and all the other nooks and crannies of an automobile are all easily cleaned. Dust, pet hair, and crumbs can be easily removed by using a model like the lightweight ThisWorks car vacuum with three attachments.

It is conveniently storable in a backseat or trunk due to its small size and ergonomic design. For those with limited time, it’s also among the best car detailing tools. It effortlessly clears many different kinds of debris from cars.

It absorbs spilled drive-through food as well as sand, pet hair, autumn leaf fragments, and cracked leaves. The reusable, washable filter’s ease of cleaning and the motor’s power are praised by users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Reach The Back Seat With The Cord That’s Attached?

The ThisWorx 12V’s 16-foot cord will typically extend to the back seat, but larger vehicles like minivans or SUVs may not have enough trunk space.

Can You Vacuum Your Car With A Handheld Device?

Because it can easily fit inside your car to access tight spaces and crevices, a handheld vacuum is a good choice for cleaning your car.

Which Vacuum Brand Do Expert Car Detailers Use?

The majority of skilled auto detailers work with a strong corded vacuum with both wet and dry settings. While each detailer may use a different specific model, most use a vacuum with a shop-vac design, like the DeWalt DXV08S.

How Do I Pick A Car Vacuum?

Consider your needs for car cleaning before selecting a vacuum. How frequently do you vacuum your car? Which kind of trash do you need to remove? Your car gets how filthy?

You might prefer a cheap, portable option like the ThisWorx 12V if you keep your car reasonably clean and don’t vacuum it frequently. The DeWalt DXV08S is a good option if you frequently clean your car and need something that can handle big messes. Milwaukee’s 0880-20 car vacuum is a good option if you want a battery-operated one.

How Many Volts Can A Car Vacuum Handle?

Depending on size, car vacuums can operate at voltages ranging from about 10 to over 100. While upright vacuums used for cleaning the home (like Hoover) are typically rated for 120 volts, handheld car vacuum cleaners typically have a lower voltage. The 12 volt rating of the ThisWorx portable car vacuum cleaner.

Can Pet Hair Be Picked Up By ThisWorx 12v?

While some reviewers claim that the ThisWorx 12V can pick up their pet’s hair, we do not suggest this vacuum for pet hair. The ThisWorx 12V failed miserably in our tests to eliminate embedded pet fur.


As I mentioned at the beginning, I entered this review with the intention of not recommending this item. After testing this vacuum, I can actually envision a scenario in which it would be useful. With its sucking power, it doesn’t exactly light up the world, but it still has enough cleaning power to be helpful in a variety of circumstances. You won’t be let down by the ThisWorx Vacuum Cleaner if you are aware of its limitations, in my opinion.

If you need something strong enough to thoroughly clean the inside of your car, we wouldn’t suggest it, but it works great for smaller jobs. We believe it will be especially helpful for us on longer trips when we want to give our car a quick clean or following some outdoor activities that bring some debris into the car.

Although we didn’t encounter any issues with reliability, we haven’t given the ThisWorx enough time to fully test it.

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