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First, what is regional truck driving?

Transporting goods locally, such as in the northeast or southwest of the United States, is referred to as regional trucking. The majority of drivers commute within a 1000-mile radius and make several weekends-only trips home each month.

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What Is Regional Trucking?

Regional trucking is the movement of freight within a single geographic area, such as the Northeastern or Southwest US. The majority of motorists commute within a 1,000-mile radius and make several monthly trips home, frequently on the weekends.

Regional Truck Driver: What Is He?

A regional truck driver is a truck driver who primarily operates in one region of the nation. The U.S. is typically divided between businesses and distributors. into divisions usually no greater than a 1,000-mile radius. Depending on the company or distributor, the exact regions vary, but typically include the Northeast, the western 11 states, the central 24 states, the southern states, or even the northern states into Canada. Depending on the size of the company or distributor, regional trucking routes may also cover a few states rather than an entire region. Regional truck drivers work for a predetermined period of time and then, in accordance with the company’s policy, receive paid time off for a predetermined number of days. Regional truck drivers frequently make deliveries during the workweek, which means that their free time usually falls on the weekend. This allows them to spend time with their friends and family at home and frequently even makes it possible for them to arrive home on weeknights, which is a major attraction for many truck drivers in the industry. 

What Is Regional Truck Driving What Do You Want To Know
What Is Regional Truck Driving: What Do You Want To Know

Regional Truckers In Opposition To Local & OTR Truck Drivers

Regional truck drivers perform a different job than over-the-road and local truck drivers. 

Local truckers travel on familiar routes and are frequently at home at night. None of the local truck drivers’ hauls last more than 8–10 hours. Local drivers are also free to set their own hours as long as deliveries are made by a particular cutoff time each week. Local drivers’ routes typically cover a 200-mile radius and do not frequently involve lengthy stretches of highway. Local drivers, on the other hand, frequently have to drive on narrower roads and back into small loading docks. Local drivers must start their days early in order to accommodate returning home at night. The majority of local drivers start their shifts as early as 4 a.m. and unlike regional and It may be necessary for OTR drivers to physically load and unload the freight. Local drivers make the least money overall, earning, on average, between $500 and $700 per week. 

Long-haul truck drivers are referred to as OTR truckers. OTR drivers travel to the lower 48 states and occasionally into Canada over the course of 21 to 30 days. OTR drivers also transport machinery, supplies for construction, and other equipment in addition to freight. The highest paying jobs are OTR drivers, with annual salaries as high as $80,000 if you work in a team. OTR drivers are restricted to a daily driving cap of 11 hours and typically receive 34 hours off for every 70 hours worked. 

Regional trucking offers drivers shorter trips, smaller streets than local routes, and routes that are not on local streets, in contrast to OTR drivers. 

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Benefits Of Being A Regional Truck Driver

There are many benefits of truck driving, but regional truck driving 

  • Work close to where you live to enable regular home attendance for drivers. 
  • Without being gone for long periods of time, take to the open road and explore the nation in new ways. 
  • a salary of between $50,000 and $60,000 annually. 
  • Workforce security due to the industry’s need for qualified and competent drivers
  • Establishing a routine and becoming accustomed to your assigned area can eventually free you from the need for a map or GPS, which will make you less distracted and potentially safer behind the wheel. 
  • Regular scheduling helps you stay aware of your free time and prevents surprises. 

How Should A Regional Truck Driver Expect Things?

When you work as a regional truck driver, you might benefit from advantages like getting home more frequently than local truckers, earning more money, and having the freedom and adventure to travel around your home area.

Depending on your position and the cargo you transport, your experiences as a regional truck driver may change.

What Local Regional Truck Driving Jobs Are There?

Jobs for regional truckers frequently involve regular deliveries, such as those for the food industry, retail, the mail, or house moving. You might, for instance, assist individuals in moving their household goods within a specific area or weekly deliver food to a local chain of grocery stores.

How Long Are Regional Truckers On The Road For?

In any given stretch of time, a regional trucker can anticipate traveling for no more than a week. You might travel a fixed route every week for your job, or you might travel a changing route with various destinations.

Which Driver’s License Is Needed To Become A Regional Truck Driver?

You need a CDL A license to be able to drive in most local trucking jobs. You may also need an endorsement for liquids and gases, double or triple trailers, or hazardous materials, depending on the kind of freight you transport.

Receive Your Cdl From New Sound Truck Driving School!

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Over-the-road and local truck driving are well-known concepts. Regional trucking is still one occupation that gets disregarded frequently. The duty of transporting freight in particular areas of the United States is placed on regional truck drivers. Due to the possibility of making deliveries to the same companies, regional driving enables drivers to take more specialized routes. The population of the states that make up each region typically determines how big each region is. The majority of regions have between 4-5 states or a radius of about 1000 miles that drivers will deliver to.

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