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Why does my car shaking while driving?

Wear or damage to the wheels, tires, or brakes is one of the most frequent causes. Another possibility is that the issue is with something under the hood, which could be bad spark plugs, damaged motor mounts, or a clogged filter.

You might also have a bent axle.

Reasons For Car Shaking While Driving

Axle Problems

Most cars have two axles, one connecting the front wheels and the other the rear wheels. If either axle is bent or dented, which can happen in an accident or other mishap with the road, vibration may result. If the issue is with the axle, vibration will typically get worse as you accelerate. To check for potential issues, also inspect the driveshaft and CV joints. If the CV joints are worn, dust and other debris may enter, endangering the joints.

Wheel Problems

It can also cause vibration issues if your steering wheel feels wiggly or wobbles while you’re driving. This could indicate that one of the wheels is not spinning properly, or it could be related to the wheel bearings, tie rod ends, or ball joints.

Tires Problems

The issue may be with the tires and can be fixed in a variety of ways depending on the particular type of vibration the driver is experiencing. The tires may need to be balanced if vibration is experienced at a particular speed. The driver might require a tire rotation if the tires are wearing unevenly and making the car vibrate. To address the vibration issue, the driver might occasionally need new tires.

Engine Problems

There are a few components in an engine that, if they break down, could make a car shake. Spark plugs and the engine air filter are examples of these. Verify the connections of the spark plugs. Depending on the make and model of your car, spark plugs typically last between 80,000 and 100,000 miles. Check your air filter next if the spark plugs are functioning properly and their connections appear secure. An engine that lacks the oxygen and/or fuel it needs to function properly may have a dirty or clogged engine air filter.

Brake Problems

Since the front brakes of the car experience the most stress when the brakes are applied, if vibration is experienced while applying the brakes, the issue is probably with the front brake mechanism. Front disc brakes have a few components, namely the pads and rotors, that require periodic replacement. The metal disc that is attached to the wheel in a round shape is called a rotor. Heavy use and abuse over time may cause it to become warped. The vehicle is slowed down by pads that press against the rotor; however, for these pads to function properly, they must be a specific thickness. The vehicle may vibrate if the brake pads are overly worn. The caliper aids in slowing and stopping the vehicle by applying pressure to the brake pads against the rotor. Timing for replacing brakes varies across all vehicles. Most manufacturers and models can last longer, but they should generally be replaced after 50,000 miles. For a more precise replacement schedule, refer to the owner’s manual of your car. Have your mechanic visually inspect the state of your pads and rotors each time you get your oil changed as well. These specialists can help you determine when replacement is required.

Car Shaking While Driving Top & Common Reasons
Car Shaking While Driving: Top & Common Reasons

How To Fix Car Shaking While Driving?

The earliest resolution of the problems that cause car shaking at high speeds is the best way to prevent it. 

Doing A Wheel Balance

Visit a shop for wheel alignments or take the tires there. The technician will use a balancing machine to balance the unbalanced wheel or tire.

Getting Loose Lug Nuts Tightened

Without going to a mechanic, you can complete this straightforward fix. Put an end to this by parking your car on a level, hard surface. Next, block two wheels. Use a torque wrench to check the lug nuts once more.

Cleaning Or Replacing Spark Plugs

A dirty or clogged spark plug won’t produce enough spark to keep the engine running efficiently. The old spark plugs can be cleaned or changed to resolve this problem.

Replacing The Broken Engine Mount

Most engine mounts cannot be repaired. Nevertheless, you can fix a few of them by changing the side’s bushing. If you discover a broken engine mount, take the car to a mechanic so they can replace it. All of the engine mounts on the floor should be disassembled and inspected. All mounts with small cuts should be replaced.

Servicing Brake Calipers

The pistons must be cleaned and smoothed if the calipers are causing the car to shake while it is being driven. Verify that the caliper pins are operating properly. The next step is to buy a fresh caliper and assembly.

Replacing Bent Axle And Driveshaft

Axles for cars are pricey. Take your car to a mechanic to have the axle fixed if you’re unsure. Either they’ll replace it or straighten it. Unless they sustain significant damage in a collision, driveshafts rarely bend. Replace them with new ones when they become damaged. 

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Why Does My Car Shake When You Go Faster Than 60 Mph?

There will be a number of causes. Driving above 60 mph can cause a car to shake for a variety of reasons, including uneven tire wear, an unbalanced tire, a worn-out driveshaft bearing, faulty brake parts, and others. The most common cause of car trembling at high speeds, however, is unbalanced wheel tires. The majority of the time, these problems arise during tire installation. Rear wheel tire imbalance is indicated by vibrations on the seat and floor. At the same time, vibrations on the steering wheel are a sign that the front wheels’ tires are out of balance.  

Remember: Cars Don’t Shake For Fun

When your car trembles or trembles while you’re driving, something is wrong. Ignoring it will almost certainly result in it getting worse, which usually results in a higher shop bill.

When was the last time you changed your filters, spark plugs, or tires?

Consider balancing your wheels. Have you recently encountered a sizable pothole?

If it’s been a while, a shake means it’s time to pay it some attention, so we advise you to do just that.

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It’s common to see cars shaking while driving. Vibration at high speeds is bad for any vehicle, new or old. High-speed car trembling is a sign of a serious issue. So, reducing your speed while driving won’t fix the issue. Try to address the problems as soon as you identify them. Examine the root causes and make an effort to resolve them. If you are unable to fix the problem yourself, have a mechanic assist you.  

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